The 10 Best Disco Songs That Every Millennial Should Know

Live Music

We see an interesting trend nowadays where millennials and Gen-Z have a strong liking for the good old music of the 70s. Most millennials listen to the legendary British and American rock bands. Many of them are also discovering the beauty of disco music nowadays. It is rich with influences and gives the youth a taste of the extravagance and culture of the 70s and 80s. It is no surprise that disco is seeing a revival in modern music as well. It is clear that disco is here to stay.…

Party Songs That Will Get Everyone On The Dance Floor

Club Rock

  September by Earth Hey Ya by Outkast Wanna Be by the Spice Girls PYT by The King Of Pop, Michael Jackson Single Ladies by Beyonce Twist and Shout by Beatles Closer by Chainsmokers Despacito by Luis Fonsi Here are some songs that will definitely get on the dance floor. They are a list of amazing songs that you should definitely listen to as soon as possible. You should actually play them in your events as well.These songs actually came to mind immediately. You should definitely use them.

5 Challenges you Face when Entering the Nightlife Biz

Nightlife Biz

If you have entered the nightlife biz and intend to stay here for the long run, you have many things to pay close attention to. You will need to maintain a consistent sense of awe and glamor, have some great music and selection of drinks. You will need to be a fierce marketer and have top notch business and management skills. Most people don’t realize the hard work involved behind the glamour and ease that nightlife has to offer. You will have many challenges to face on a regular basis.…